Norman Dixon JrNorman has been actively involved in the cultural traditions of New Orleans his entire life. Dixon’s father, Norman Dixon Sr. exposed him to music and culture at a very early age and ensured his participation. As a child, he learned to play three different brass instruments often pretending to be in a jazz band, second line or Jazz funeral. Norman was sworn into the Young Men Olympian Jr. Benevolent Association, Inc. at the age of 7. He now serves as the organization’s president and is the 6th individual to hold that office. The organization is 134 years old.

Norman Jr. established the Norman Dixon Sr. Foundation to ensure his father’s contributions are recognized and his legacy is preserved. The organization supports all Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs with obtaining permits to parade throughout the city of New Orleans. Dixon is Chairman of the Board.  He travels the world performing and lecturing about the great culture of New Orleans. He also serves as a consultant to SA&P Clubs and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and has provided that service for the past 25 years. Norman is also a Registered Social Worker and has a Masters of Science Management.