In order to qualify for Jazz Camp, students must be between the ages of 10 and 21 years old.  Instrumentalists must be presently involved in a music education program either in school or through private instructions and have been studying their instrument for a minimum of two years.


In Person Audition Dates:  Appointment needed

Out of State Student Auditions: Online

New students have a 99% chance of being accepted into the program.  The audition is created to determine the student’s level of musicianship.  New students living in New Orleans are required to audition in person to determine their level of proficiency on the days designated. Audition days to be announced.  

Applicants living outside of Louisiana must submit the following items to audition online.  

  • Performance of two tunes – one solo performance and one performance practicing scales.  A group performance is encouraged, as well but is not mandatory. The online performances can be submitted via Dropbox or YouTube. 
  • Letter of recommendation from the student’s current school band or private music instructor.   
  • Letter of interest written by the student stating why he/she wishes to attend the Louis Armstrong Camp in New Orleans.  
  • Completed application.  Out of town students will be evaluated by the submitted materials.  They will also audition the first day of camp to determine placement.  Auditions are not competitive.  Student placement is based on experience and abilities.  

If a student does not pass the audition, which rarely happens, we will refund all money except for the $50 non-refundable audition fee.